This is Not Dior

I know, I know, you would think my first shopping day in France would be spend at a fabulous designer store but no, I chose to drive 30 km inland to go to one of my favorite stores here – Carrefour. Why you ask? Because you can find anything from a lawn mower to the best selection of cheeses. And everything in between – robes, beauty products, eclaires, lingerie, gadgets, the list goes on and on. It’s like Costco, Target and Whole Foods had a menage a trois, but better…because it’s French.

Here are my fab finds from this visit (they’ll be many others):

Meat and cheese heaven

The only pedi sock that doesn’t fall off.

Good rosé for 5€, yeah this happened.

Unless you are a girl that lives under a rock, you know Elnette hairspray is THE best!

Oh, this just added – haircuts for 10€ while you shop!

Sauce au poivre (pepper sauce) in a bottle. Very yummy and just one of the few they have here.

  • sanaz

    are you back yet?

    • admin

      Haha, cute 🙂

  • Glitter Girl at Glisten Up

    I have LOVED your website and reading your fashion blogs! I want to be a Modistian! You have such an amazing style! Inspirational! Can’t wait to read/see more! Keep them coming! Xxx

    • Thanks, you’re the best! Glisten up!

  • I love it too! Always buy my beauty products and stockings there too! Xx