About Me


My love affair with fashion began at the tender age of 13, when I picked up my first issue of Vogue US (July 1985) featuring Isabelle Rossellini. That publication was the catalyst for the person I am today… a devout fashion aficionada with a passion for beautifying the world!

After heaps of encouragement from friends and family (and pleas for styling help), I decided to start this blog which consists of; my favorite styles, outfits, designers & events.

My personal style mixes masculine and feminine clothing/accessories using a range of designers from the accessible to the exclusive.

My guidelines for Fashion:
Be unique and take risks (don’t copy, create!)
Wear everything with confidence (own your look, show the world who you are!)
Style over Price (sometimes money doesn’t get it right!)
Variety over Quantity (unique pieces work harder than a boatload of the same piece in every color)
Having fun while you’re doing it all (seriously!)

May Fashion be With You,

La Modista

My first Vogue
My first Vogue