Gold is Bold

You can never go wrong with gold and white for summer dressing. I’m wearing some of my favorite pieces here. Chain link Equipment silk top, Louis Vuitton Thalie Brocade clutch from FW 2009 (another all time favorite). The bracelets are Vita Fede and the espadrilles metallic wedge shoes are Ralph Lauren. H&M studded cut off shorts.





This is Not Dior

I know, I know, you would think my first shopping day in France would be spend at a fabulous designer store but no, I chose to drive 30 km inland to go to one of my favorite stores here – Carrefour. Why you ask? Because you can find anything from a lawn mower to the best selection of cheeses. And everything in between – robes, beauty products, eclaires, lingerie, gadgets, the list goes on and on. It’s like Costco, Target and Whole Foods had a menage a trois, but better…because it’s French.

Here are my fab finds from this visit (they’ll be many others):

Meat and cheese heaven

The only pedi sock that doesn’t fall off.

Good rosé for 5€, yeah this happened.

Unless you are a girl that lives under a rock, you know Elnette hairspray is THE best!

Oh, this just added – haircuts for 10€ while you shop!

Sauce au poivre (pepper sauce) in a bottle. Very yummy and just one of the few they have here.

Show Me the Monae

Janelle Monae was amazing last night performing with the San Francisco Symphony.  She’s a stylish little firecracker jumping around the stage singing her heart out.  I love her uniform style, mixing masculine suits fitted very femininely.  Always wearing black and white and keeping her look simple but chic and somehow managing to make it look fresh every time.

monae Janelle-Monae-Elle-2 jonalle-covera